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Rita Salvadori was born in Poggio Rusco, in the province of Mantua, on May 23, 1965.
She received a high school diploma from “Oxford”, the private Linguistic High School in Mantua.
At the age of sixteen, Rita already had a clear understanding of what she wanted to do with her future. In a high school essay, Rita clearly expressed her desire:
“What do I want? To communicate with many people, expressing their infinite emotions”.
She had a hidden dream, shut away in a drawer: to become a writer.
She graduated in Literary Studies with honors, through the Faculty of Education in Ferrara on December 4, 1991.
In the following three years, she moved to the Marche, where, on December 1, 1994, she obtained a second degree in Foreign Languages and Literature with honors.
Rita continued to keep her dream in the drawer, but the drawer would still remain firmly shut for quite some time.
From 1995 to 1998, she worked as a lecturer at the Italian Union of the Blind in Mantua, where she helped young people with severe visual disabilities. It was a touching and important experience that showed how important teaching was for her and how being able to look at something doesn’t necessarily mean you “know how to see”.
From 1998 to 2000, she worked at the state secondary school, Ghedi (Bs), as a special needs teacher, an experience that proved to be very useful in subsequent years.
In 2000, she passed the government recruitment procedure for a teaching position in English Foreign Language at a secondary school and was transferred to a Professional Institute in Crema.
In 2009, as a teacher of English Foreign Language and Literature, she was transferred to the Artistic High School of Cremona, where all her creativity finally united with that of her students. In this new context, Rita began to realize her dream: creating works of art, including writing, acting, dancing, music, and painting.
From within its drawer, her dream began to knock with increasing strength and insistence.
2008 brought the death of Luciano, Rita’s father.
From this immense sorrow, she became aware of the unique truth of love that exists despite all the illusions of the world. As an act of love towards herself, and towards others, that Rita decided to open the drawer and start writing.
In April 2010 her first novel was published, “When shadows grow longer”, a poetic and delicate reflection on life, things, and people. An inner journey through the realms of the heart.
By now, the drawer was fully opened, and in 2012 Rita also extracted “Aunt Jole’s attic”, her second novel, a poetic narration with an innovative twist: color writing.
In 2017, Rita published “The invisible journey”, another color novel that invites the reader to immerse themselves in the story, leaving their ordinary reality behind to embark on a spiritual journey of awareness.

In 2018 her three novels are published in a new edition, which includes an english translation for the international public.

In the month of december of the same year, her fourth work, “Il Violino del Primo Papavero” (The Violin of the first poppy) gets published: it is a “novel-fable” in which three roaming musicians, guided by the magical sound of a violin, live a farytale-like adventure.

In the july of 2019 Rita publishes an illustrated tale for children (and grown-ups!) “The Tree and the Traveler”, followed in the march of 2020 by “The happy world of Adelin Pan e Vin”.

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"Writing means creating parallel worlds of beauty and harmony"

Rita Salvadori

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