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A journey of self-discovery, love, and awareness in the shadow of the beautiful italian hills. Can Irène discover more of herself through Maddalena's moving story?

Irène, Maddalena, Jonathan, and Marcello are united by their desire to go beyond appearances, beyond the traditional rules that reduce life to the simple and dry quest for survival.
A life that consists of little more than a series of mechanical gestures, emotions, and thoughts. Irène, the star of the story, discovers a new way of life thanks to her encounter with Maddalena, a fairytale writer, who becomes a sort of spiritual guide for her.
It will be Maddalena who teaches her the importance of seeing the world through glasses with colored lenses and who teaches her the importance of self-observation in achieving greater awareness and presence. Maddalena will finally take Irène by the hand in a journey of self-discovery, with the aid of a mysterious manuscript that was left unfinished and hidden in a medieval church in the hills of the Marche.Unfinished because it is waiting for a special person to continue the story that was started many years before.

This novel is a love story between four souls that chase each other endlessly and lose themselves only to reunite at a higher level, in a temporal dimension in which the boundaries between the past, present, and future are magically obliterated.

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